On the last season of Sean M. Hollows …

… the game plan shifted.

As of January, all of my works have been pulled from storefronts for a plethora of reasons. In the meantime–and a way to get content to you guys sooner–I now chiefly upload to this portfolio short stories and poems completely free!

So what happens now?

Well, donations are now open to revitalize the self-pub route! First goal sits at $500 USD, if we’re being candid. Each and every donation (up to two per capita) will be eligible to win free goodies, but $20 all but guarantees a book in the palm of your hands. 

Facebook and Twitter giveaways will not be going away either, but we’ll get there when we get there.

I am also currently reviewing for editors to better guarantee content here in a timely manner. This is certainly can’t stand as a one-man band, as I have unfortunately showcased.

Nowhere but up from here.

-Sean B.

FREE sample below!

 Guardium – Intro–Act 3 (partial)